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Surprise by Love

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Surprise by Love

At Christmas, God enabled us to express one of our core values, surprise by love, through a generous financial gift made in memory of our beloved board member, Tom Gabe, who passed away in August 2020. This gift was distributed to partner seminaries and ministries and to all of our missionaries around the world so that they could bless someone who faced hardship in this difficult COVID year.

The stories of how this gift was multiplied brought joy to all of us who knew and loved Tom Gabe. Here are several examples:

Great celebration, praise, and thanksgiving filled the air in our village in Ghana when the Christmas gift was distributed… 2,000 copies of the NT were given to local villagers, who now have God’s Word in their “heart” language. It’s the biggest Christmas gift that the tribal people have ever received.

A fire in Bosnia swept through one of the refugee camps in the mountains, destroying makeshift shelters. Snow and below zero temperatures endangered the lives of refugees (mostly from the Middle East) and made the work of aid volunteers more difficult. This gift provided food, clothing, shelter, blankets and medical care to these refugees at a moment of unspeakable need.

After visiting a local orphanage to discover the needs, we brought gifts and groceries for 17 kids who live there. Tennis shoes, sandals, sports equipment, fresh groceries – ‘thank you, Lord, for this blessing of Christmas love to these precious kids in our part of Mexico’!

What a joy it is to think of these hundreds of “surprises” lifting the hearts of brothers and sisters in Christ and others in over 50 nations who need his love and compassion. May God be glorified, and his name be praised!

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