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From Disappointment to Rejoicing

• Equipping Leaders in Uganda

From Disappointment to Rejoicing

by Matt Actis, serving in Uganda
Imagine being asked to pastor a church when you didn’t even finish high school. You haven’t been to Bible college, and reading is difficult. Feelings of inadequacy only increase as you see big churches on television or hear them on the radio. You look at your small church building made out of mud and grass, and see your members struggling to make ends meet. You feel like a disappointment to God and to your community. This is what it’s like for many pastors in rural Uganda.

Now imagine the reaction of these same pastors when they receive Bible training for the first time! They are excited and eager to learn how to read God’s Word, and they find freedom as they discover His wonderful truth. They learn that in Christ worshipping in a small mud hut is good and pleasing to the Lord! That God looks at the heart, not the size of the church, budget, or anything else.

After completing his 3-year training, Joseph, one of our graduates, recently said:

“We used to read the Bible like a newspaper. We just jumped around and didn’t really understand who God is or who we are in Christ. But now, thanks to the Bible training I received, I can read and interpret God’s Word all on my own. I can properly teach, preach, and lead the people God has given me to pastor!”

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