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Empowering National Believers to Plant Churches

• Establishing Churches in Thailand

Empowering National Believers to Plant Churches

by Gregg N., serving in Thailand
How does a movement of the gospel start in a Buddhist nation that is less than 1% Christian? How does the gospel go viral in the hearts of believers and permeate all of society? It starts with one heart set on fire by the grace that God lavished on us in Christ.

Missionaries have worked in Thailand for 193 years and yet there has been very little progress. Why? Could it be that missionaries have led the charge rather than Thais doing so? Could it be that moralistic Buddhism crept into the gospel message, causing Christianity to look like just another religion? United World Mission deeply values coming alongside national believers, helping equip them to reach their own people in ways a missionary never could. Recently, Thai pastors met with City-to-City Asia Pacific, where I serve as the City Catalyst for a church planting intensive. Over 50 leaders from around the region came together for two weeks of training, including 12 Thai leaders. They were renewed by the gospel and challenged to plant churches throughout the capital city of over 10 million.

One pastor who has been in ministry for over a decade said, “I feel like I need to go back to kindergarten in understanding the gospel.” Another business leader/church planter who owns 12 sushi franchises said, “What Jesus offers in the gospel is what the urban Thai professionals need.” We are coming alongside Thai leaders by training and coaching them to spread the gospel in their cities. For such a time as this!

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