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The Good News is Spreading in Squatter Communities

• Engaging in Holistic Ministry in Costa Rica

The Good News is Spreading in Squatter Communities

by Lillian Solt, UWM Missionary and Founder of CEDCAS
Many Nicaraguans displaced by conflict have fled to Costa Rica and have ended up in a squatter community called Guararí. This community is made up mostly of undocumented people, many of whom cannot find or afford medical care.

CEDCAS was founded in 1985 out of the overwhelming need for ‘whole person healthcare’ in under-served communities like Guararí. We offer medical and dental care at an affordable price, and also introduce these hurting people to the transformational power of the gospel.

For the past 3 years, we have been working very closely with one of these families. Carina is the mother of 5 children under the age of 13. She lives in a shack made of used tin and pieces of wood. Her husband has not been able to find stable work but he does what he can working on cars in the street, receiving only tips for his service. The family has lived in Guararí for 12 years, and all of the children were born there. Carina enrolled her 4 younger children in CEDCAS’ kids’ program, and they have been coming faithfully for years. Soon after enrollment, we realized that Carina’s 11-year old daughter, Maria Celeste, had a very serious eye condition that we were able to care for immediately. This family knows Jesus as their Savior, and they are praying for the Lord’s provision. CEDCAS has been instrumental in helping to meet both their physical and spiritual needs, thanks to the grace of God!

The gospel is seen best when it is lived in community, demonstrated in action, and proclaimed in word!

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