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Partnership for Kingdom Impact: From Charlotte to the Middle East

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Partnership for Kingdom Impact: From Charlotte to the Middle East

by Tom Mullis, Director of Global Partnerships
Over the last year, I have been convening a group of Charlotte area churches to advance global mission best practices and partnership. We call it a Global Learning Circle (GLC), where the mission directors from Forest Hill Church, Carmel Baptist Church, Lake Forest Presbyterian Church, and the Church at Charlotte gather on a monthly basis.

The purpose of the GLC is for churches to come together for global engagement in three areas: relational unity, philosophical unity, and functional unity. The goal is to expand the GLC to include many more churches in the Charlotte Metro-Lina area to effectively engage with the global church among unreached people groups.

As an expression of this growing unity, the four churches have traveled with me to Lebanon, in order for each to begin a relationship with our church partner in Beirut. This multi-church partnership is catalyzing the church in Beirut to impact the next generation of Syrian, Iraqi, and Lebanese people with the hope of the Gospel. To keep the impact, momentum, and relationships moving forward, we are sponsoring quarterly and annual “ENGAGE” events for area missional church leadership. We are blessed to play a facilitative role with global partners that share a common heart for the Spirit’s work in the Middle East and North Africa!

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